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Castle® Endura™

Castle® Endura™

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Castle® Endura™ is a high-strength lubricant with exceptional adhesive strength. It sprays as a liquid, penetrates tight areas, and sets up as long-lasting grease. PTFE is added, giving Endura greater lubricity and heat resistance. This exclusive formula assures that the product will penetrate and stay where it is sprayed, resisting throw off, squeeze out, high pressure, and water. Castle® Endura™ provides protection against rust, corrosion, acids, and alkalis; it has a temperature range of -30°F to over 600°F. Endura™ is also salt resistant.

"This stuff was recommended to me by an industrial mechanic. It's cray-cray good. goes on wet and then changes viscosity and sticks like glue. Very slick stuff. Great for oiling stuff you can't get to. Fantastic stuff." -Amazon Review

"This stuff is amazing. At our repair shop we use this as more of a lube for rubber and plastic hoses in the automotive environment. We affectionately call it "bubble gum" due to its pleasant scent. Tool box would not be complete without it." -Amazon Review

"Worked great on my express cargo van's side door hinges to keep them from sticking. Lasts much longer than more common kerosene based lubricants and works much better too." -Amazon Review

"Castle Endura is the best automotive lubricant ever created by mankind. I am not kidding. It sprays on as a liquid and and solidifies into something the consistency chicken grease after 15 minutes or so. It wicks around surfaces to places that are had to reach, then solidifies stays in place and does a great job lubricating. In addition to basic moving parts lubrication, it is really good at blocking or preventing rust. If you have a pickup and find the bottom seam on the tailgate rusting, spray Endura on, let it solidify, and then let road dirt accumulate in it. The result is a watertight seal the completely stops rust. It is also really good in doors and tailgates, where you can spray it in drop holes and it coats the inside, slowing rust." -Amazon Review

NSF International LogoThis product carries NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listing H2 Reg. #124465
• Open Gears • Marine applications
• Lawn Equipment • Door Hinges
• Fleet Trucks • Rubbish Companies
• Chains and Sprockets • Farm Equipment
• Sunroof Lubrication  
1. Spray area to be treated long enough to saturate.
2. Allow to penetrate.
16 oz