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S&S cycle; Electric Compression Release kit:

S&S cycle; Electric Compression Release kit:

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  • Consists of a small valve that opens during starting and allows a portion of the cylinder pressure to escape into the exhaust port of the cylinder head
  • Reduced cylinder pressure makes it easier for the starter to turn the engine
  • When the engine starts, the valve closes and the engine runs normally, with full compression
  • Electric Compression Releases:
  • Electric compression releases are solenoid operated
  • They automatically open when the starter button is depressed and automatically close when the starter button is released
  • When installed on SSW+ or Twin Cam style S&S® engines, S&S® electric compression releases require the use of S&S® die-cast Twin Cam style rocker covers or similar covers with a central hole or "chimney"
  • The "chimneys" in the rocker covers are required to provide clearance for the solenoids that operate the compression releases
  • Electric compression releases are compatible with S&S® rocker boxes for Evolution engines

Made in USA!